This is where it all begins…

by Benoit


We are coming for you soon ! (Copyright Warner Bros)

Can you feel it? A far too long forgotten feeling is coming back… Soon, you’re gonna fight again!

Remember the noise of the sword cutting hard the flesh of your enemies; remember the infinite hours spent to train yourself to become one of the most acclaimed and respected warriors amongst Sparta!

Very soon, the time will come for you to fight for the greatness of your clan! Very soon, only the best will survive!

It has been nearly 12 months since EPIC was created by 4 passionate friends (5 since Henry joined us this year) whose common dream is to establish it as one of the best creative agency in Belgium. During the last year, we have been working 200% for our great customers neglecting to spend time creating our own website. Now, it is time to fill the gap and show you what we can do!

This Blog is just the beginning… Like a back door on what is going on at EPIC. Stay tuned for the 25 coming days and get a sneak peek at our most exciting project!

Respect and Honour!