Featured, Tweets For Honor and stuff

by henry

Good suprise today !

We had the surprise to notice we were featured in this month’s talk magazine which is a belgian cutural mag about arts, music, design and all that kind of stuff.Thank you guys !

The next good news is that it is just before the release of our second version of Tweets for honor which is really better, new system of levelling, new interface, new buttons, well in brief a new game…We’ve been getting good reviews for the game, the idea, the design and the initiative but we are not pleased with the gameplay as it is right now and we think that it needs to get to the next level.

We’ll keep you informed with the last details as soon as we’re finally done with them ! There’s some good and new stuff coming from us right now !

At last, we’ve been receiving “9bulles” business cards 5 minutes ago and we want to share them with you. 9 bulles is a new brand*slash* e-shop which is set to be released soon and dedicated to pregnant women who are looking for clothes, etc… more informations on their facebook page

cheers !

The Epic Team