Hey, Ho, Let’s go!

by henry

Hi everyone !

We’re back with some more stuff ! We’ve been really really busy these past weeks with a lot of projects and we also had to take (for some of us, including me) some vacations before going nuts with the past monthes activity. Anyway, the real surprise for you is a brand new interface for the “tweets for honor” game, and prizes to win this week!

In other words, you can now play directly within the interface and the game will interact by itself with twitter ! Can you make it even simpler than that?!

I don’t think so!

Moreover we changed the points system, the levelling, number of blocks, and so on…In brief: better, faster, stronger and also still playable with twitter.com or your favorite twitter client because we know you would want to block attacks even when you’re at the restaurant little nerdy warrior. We also have made a brand new demo video for you to understand the new gaming method.

Finally, as we really love you (or at least we tolerate some of you!) we decided to reward the 3 best spartans of the week with collector dvds from the “300” movies (Yay, no one is surprised ) and a spartan helmet (it’s a miniature guys).

The contest will be launched today at noon and will last until next monday at the same time. The last man standing at the top will get the first prize and second and third players (according to their score) will get the second and third prize. Now you know everything and you are ready to tweet for honor dvds.

Everyhing starts today at noon on www.tweetsforhonor.com

dvds to win

Have fun !

The Epic Team