We’re HIRING a web developer!!

by henry

Join us at Epic

Epic Agency is currently looking for a web developer to join its forces.

The perfect candidate would be able to work in-house in belgium (We’ll provide beers and waffles) and he(she) will meet these requirements :

Your Skills

  • You have at least 2 years of experience slicing/developing websites;
  • Fluent in french or english (spoken/written);
  • Possibility to provide some samples of your best code;
  • An advanced knowledge of PHP and SMARTY, xHTML, CSS2/3;
  • You’re alreading looking over the shoulder of HTML5 and you can’t wait to kick its ass;
  • A proficiency in JavaScript/JQuery, the DOM, DHTML and AJAX;
  • A really good eye for details, and pixel-perfect design;
  • A real team player and you’ll be able to be part of something bigger (slightly);
  • You are really really…I mean REALLY passionate by your job and you’re always a step beyond others;
  • An expert exprience with accessibility, cross browser requirements, and graceful degradation;
  • Did we mention you’ll have to be fluent in english or french?

About you

  • We need you to be proactive and willing to keep on learning about emerging technologies;
  • You’re passionate about new trends and developments;
  • Capacity to laugh to Belgian humour (you’ve been warned);
  • You’re a musician, a writer, a friendly companion or you like to design as well ? You’ve got all our attention;
  • You’re living the internet, you’re eating the internet and you’re sleeping with the internet but you’re still in a human form;
  • If you were always alone during lunch at school and if your best friend is your dog… well, we like dogs but we’re looking for a teamworker here!
  • You must be able to understand the fun, challenges and long-term benefits of working with a young but very promising agency;
  • Your mama doesn’t understand a single word of what you say when you’re talking about your work;

Your job

You’ll get to work with the next place-to-be in Belgian agencies.

As part of your job you will have to slice pixel perfect designs, to develop front-end websites, integrate e-commerce solutions, give a help to the development of our own CMS solution, play to the XBOX with us during lunch, get to challenge your skills every single day and perhaps we will even need you to tell jokes.

You feel like it’s a job perfectly made for you ?

then hit our mailbox at info@epicagency.net