We’re hiring!!!

by henry

Epic Agency is looking for a Swiss Army Knife Interactive Producer

Epic Agency, a human scale creative workshop in liege is looking for a talented interactive producer, who will help us in taking care of our beloved clients and helping us getting the  ones who still don’t know they want to work with us.

About you

  • You have at least 4 years experience working in interactive agencies.
  • You’re aware (for real, not like our beloved jean-claude) of the upcoming technologies and and still have an edge on competition.
  • You have a real passion for web in each of its forms.
  • You’ll need to be fluent in french, english maar u mag ook nederlands spreken ( it’s a plus).
  • You live for challenges and you laugh at them (like Chuck Norris) because you’re obviously THE man (or woman, no offense).
  • You were sung «for he’s jolly good fellow» so many times you can’t count them on your fingers.
  • You were bullied at school because you were not only awesome but also you were taking notes about everything.
  • You’ve been told many times you’re really good at listening to people.
  • You sleep with your smartphone and there’s an iPad hiding over the pile of books in your toilets.
  • When you’re not working, you love making photos, go waterskiing, or whatever…in other words, if you don’t already have one…get a life !
  • You know that Steve would sell a lot less tablets if Mark had made his website in flash.
  • You were just thinking that a good philosophy was missing in your job.
  • If I say 300 you certainly won’t reply 4.
  • You’re a perfectionist, but for real, not because it’s the easy thing to say in a job interview.
  • You’ve got a driving license.
  • You will also need a firm hand when time comes (And we don’t speak about violence here ).
  • You have the ability to know when it’s time to speak…and when it’s not.
  • You have the most excellent organizational skills…I mean you will have to handle a big-ass lot of stuff at the same time.

About the job

  • You will have to manage each of our clients and you will succeed with class.
  • You will have to be the most efficient project manager in town, because believe me…delay is not an option
  • You will have to convert a simple prospect into an awesome client.
  • You need to have some love for community management because Epic is growing and we want to make some noise.
  • You’ll know that working with prestashop was a better choice than using magento on this one but not as good as choosing to replace flash animations by jquery ones to get more efficiency on the iPad.
  • If something goes wrong, you’ll bear with self-control and you certainly won’t get a rest until everything is under complete control.
  • You like and you’re good at writing offers (to be precise,you may not like it but you have to be good at it).
  • The clients really love you and they always tend to smile when they see you coming and even if they know they’re money to spend here.

About the agency

Epic agency is a young belgian digital agency (2009) which proudly works everyday on ass-kicking projects such as highly interactive and creative flash websites, usable XHTML, HTML5 websites, efficient IPhone / IPad applications, nice and clever graphic identities, succesful e-commerce development, and many more great projects.
Our clients  include L’Oreal, Ice-Watch, Opera de Liège, Chocol@, Darcis, Hard Graft, Quatuor, Leidgens,…

Interested? Get in touch with us on info@epicagency.net